Save the Planet, Save Some Money

Learn how our energy-efficient program benefits your business in Edmond & Moore, OK

Converting to energy-efficient electrical sources doesn't have to be overwhelming. When you enroll in Holland Electric's energy efficiency program, we'll make sure the process is simple. In addition to educating you on renewable technologies, we'll also help you find tax credits and other incentives to help you save.

Learn more about our energy efficiency program in Edmond & Moore, OK by calling 405-627-1063.

Out with the old and in with the new

Out with the old and in with the new

Saving money on your energy bills is no pipe dream. When you invest in energy-efficient upgrades, you'll save money in your sleep. We suggest starting your power-saving journey by upgrading your:

  • Lighting fixtures
  • Heating and cooling unit
  • Old insulation or ducts
  • Windows and doors
Conserve energy while saving money on your energy bills with energy-efficient upgrades. To schedule your service in Edmond & Moore, OK, call now to schedule an appointment.